The issues Jeff plans to address

Affordable Housing

  • Jeff plans to bring in more affordable housing, and possibly create incentives for builders who wish to participate.
  • He also plans to create a "Filter and purge" system of those who are living in affordable housing fraudulently by connecting Dept of Transportation to seek out vehicle registrations of expensive vehicles.
  • This means, if a person in living in section 8, or other affordable housing, is reporting that he/she can only pay $100 a month, but owns either one or multiple high dollar vehicles like a $75,000 Mercedes, An Escalade, a Corvette etc, that person should be audited to see how and when these were purchased and if there's a hidden income that's not reported, then dealt with accordingly.


  • Jeff is against the most recent Transit Plan because;
  •  It was far too expensive
  •  Would done nothing to help the neighborhoods
  •  Would not relieve the traffic gridlock that is happening in Nashville.
  •  It would have also required construction that will take many years to complete, in the meantime, the gridlock will only be worse, and it will leave our future generations with having to pay for it, and it will only have about a 3% ridership.
  • He also plans to introduce a regional transit plan to aid commuters in getting to Nashville easier without getting stuck in the gridlock of our interstate system.


  • This topic speaks for itself!
  • Even Jeff's own car recently got damaged by hitting a pothole, fortunately, he was able to fix it himself, but the general population wouldn't be able to do that!
  • Jeff PROMISES to be more aggressive about getting potholes fixed in a more timely manner!
  • But, to make it clear, the interstates like I-40, I-24, I-440 etc, are repaired and maintained by the State, not Metro. Streets like Eastland, Edmondson Pk, Vaugh, etc, those would be up to Metro.

Jeff is for revitalizing the Fairgrounds, by;

  •  Enabling the track to run more events that the local racers can participate in, as well as coordiinate with traveling  circuits like the Tractor Pulls, Sprint Cars, Demolition Derby, Monster Trucks, Concerts and more.
  •   Make more use of the various buildings to increase their profitability.
  •   He plans to contact Dollywood, and 6 Flags amusement parks to bring back an amusement park to the fairgrounds.
  •  This will also go hand in hand with the track, as when kids are at the amusement park hear the race cars, they'll tell their mom/dad that they want to see the race cars, Tickets SOLD! Vice Versa for the kids in the stands at the track, they see the rides running, and will want to do that.
  • Again, tickets sold!
  • This will also create jobs for our youth, therefore getting them off the streets and hopefully in the right direction, and gives them something to do rather than roaming the streets looking for trouble.
  • The result, the whole facility will be turned around and into a profitable entity, AND benefit our youth!

Local businesses

  • Jeff plans to do business with LOCAL businesses first, then, if there's no local business that offers the needed products or services, then, look further than the local area if these are not available locally. And he does not have any interest in doing business with out of town/state industries for big ticket projects that will only serve to make some polititians rich at the expense of the tax payers!


  • Police Officers are the one's who are our soldiers who keep us safe! Why are they not being paid more for their sacrifice? With that said, Jeff plans to increase the pay across the board for Officers, and also to much improve their pension as well! He also plans to create more attractive hiring packages to entice perspective officers to become interested working in Nashville as opposed to other cities!
  • After speaking with quite a few police officers around town, he plans to hire more officers, and plans to focus on increasing the resources for vice to fight the drug and opioid epidemic, and youth violence and crime units, which goes hand in hand with Jeff's motivation to bring back an amusement park to the fairgrounds.

Fire Dept.

  • With our Fire Dept being an average of 3 men/women short per unit, he plans to bring in more firemen, and the vehicles equipment they need to more effectively do their jobs.
  • Jeff also plans to increase salary for the EMS dept, and create more attractive hiring packages to entice perspective fire fighters to choose Nashville ver other cities.

School Bullying

  • Jeff is going to take a hard stand on school bullying, and an even tougher stand on teachers and principals who choose to look the other way after an incident has been reported. This will be done by creating an email based system for reporting bullying incidents that automatically carbon copies the complaints straight to the mayor's office. This creates a paper trail, so that not one person involved can claim that they didn't know the entire situation.

Metro employees

  • Having worked in the Metro Truck Repair shop in the past, Jeff had seen quite a few changes over the years. One of these changes pertains to hiring and promoting. In recent years, Metro has starting shunning employees who apply for a posted job promotion only to later find that metro had hired someone from out of state to fill that job opening! So ask yourself, if you worked in a position for 10 years, were qualified for a promotion, the job was posted as accepting applications, (normal process), then someone is hired in from LA, or NYC to fill that slot, would that seem fair to you? The answer is NO! Jeff plans to bring back the "Hiring locally and promoting from within" method of staffing.
  • Jeff also plans to REMOVE the race question from Metro Job applications! What this means is; being that the color of someone's skin does not in any way determine their ability or qualification to perform a job, there's no reason for this to be asked on job applications.

Home Based Businesses

With the increasing traffic issues in Nashville, and jobs not really offering the pay that most people need to make ends meet, I am adding a new addition to my agenda, I'm planning to fight hard to get the ordinances changed to allow home based businesses! This will help lower traffic issues, offer unlimited opportunities for people to make more money without having to fight traffic, not have to pay for parking, lower your personal stress level, offer the flexibility to set your own hours and many more benefits.

BUT!  With everything good, there sometimes have to be a down side!

  • That being home based business owners would still have to get their business license
  • Get approval to operate
  • Be disciplined to track their sales
  • Pay their own taxes
  • Get approval for parking
  • Realize that if their business related parking encroaches on their neighbor's space, there could be negative repercussions.
  • Like self employment, Home based business owners would have to take care of their own health insurance plans and other benefits that would be offered by traditional jobs.

So, with all that said, please realize that if you vote for Jeff Napier, you are voting for unprecedented opportunities to achieve your own freedoms more than ever before!
Like what you've read so far and would like to help make these goals a reality?



  • Jeff was Born and raised in Nashville
  • Graduated from Stratford High School in 1984
  • Raised and still a current member in Madison Church of Christ
  • Served 3 years in the US Army at Ft Hood Texas and Ft Campbell Ky.
  • Worked for Metro Nashville for over 10 years as a Heavy Truck, and Fire Engine Mechanic, Semi-retired from the vehicle repair industry.
  • Driven Limousines for 5 years.
Inspiration and motivation to run for public office

After seeing his parents aging and on a fixed income from retirement, realizing that if the current trends in cost of living and rapidly increasing tax rates are not brought under control soon, his parent's, as well as everyone's retirement will be gobbled up by taxes. Jeff gained interest in the political arena in the last few years after seeing the outrageous spending by the last three administrations. He became heavily interested in turning the spending trend around to be able to reverse some of the financial damage caused by the reckless spending.